Batwa Beekeeping

Amount needed = $10,000
Amount pledged = $3,500
Balance remaining = $6,500
Beekeeping is a valuable and sustainable enterprise that aids in pollination, creates room for carbon sequestration, and produces consumable and marketable goods. This project currently employs 70 Batwa families who maintain more than 20 million bees. We train on how to sustain a large bee population, safely harvest honey without killing bees, and produce goods from the wax and honey. A number of products are on the market including wax crafts, candles, body lotions, sweets, and honey.


Senior Contacts

  • Mr.Johnbosco Tusingwire-Founding executive Director

    +256(0) 782 657 007

  • Mr.Kaleb Kahima Tusiime-Chairman

    +256(0) 772 856 649

  • Mrs.Gloria Tushemereirwe-General Secretary

    +256(0) 781 869 055

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