Purchase of land for scaling out.

CIBIC plans to expand from Bwindi to Queen Elizabeth National park. According to our strategic plan, this is expected to be effective in 2023. CIBIC understands that there is a lot of poaching going on their due to poverty and hunger and being in savanna belt, this area is highly constrained with water scarcity during the 2 dry seasons of the year. So food production is limited and human and wildlife is at risk as people must go into the national park to look for water for domestic use. CIBIC want to concentrate in this area to build rain water harvesting tanks made from Eco bricks and provide more climate smart agricultural livelihood projects.  CIBIC needs to raise at least $50,000 to start on this project. This will cover land purchase, conservation education and awareness, construction of outpost stores and offices and building rain water harvesting tanks for communities and supporting the reformed poachers with alternative sources of food and income.