Demonstrating and supporting beneficiaries with alternative livelihood projects as opposed to poaching.

CIBIC is training by demonstrating to the community member’s best farming practices. A demonstration center has been established and there is fish and vegetables as well as poultry to create an alternative source of bush meat. There is a huge case of malnutrition around Bwindi and especially in Batwa families, children under 5 and pregnant mothers. This project helps to show to the community best practices and also showing examples of what can work in the local setting.  This demonstration garden is yielding produce, when harvested, is shared with hospitalized Batwa pygmies as relief food to supplement their diet while on medication at the Bwindi hospital and in other their household. The bee keeping project was established to conserve pollinators and also to provide honey as food and medicine. The project is keeping around 20,000,000 bees and. All the projects at the demonstration center are now being multiplied at the household level in Batwa and reformed poacher families also in schools.