Purchase of more land for demonstration garden

  1. The project needs to buy more 5 acres of land to supplement existing 1 acre which is now under development with buildings and ponds. The land will accommodate climate smart organic demonstration gardens and training space for 20 youth on their agricultural training annually. CIBIC is incorporating an agricultural training program for the youth to be assessed by Directorate of Industrial Training in Uganda. This will help our youths with no or less education background have the agricultural skills and technologies required for them to compete favorably in agribusiness market without harming the environment. For effective learning, each individual is recommended to have his own plot where to practice farming applying all the best organic farming principles and practices. Part of this land CIBIC is already hiring it and it is now on sale, it is a fertile land on a gentle slope, neighboring big river and can potentially support a diversity of agricultural projects. The project is estimated to cost $5,000