Training youth, women, reformed poachers and Batwa farmers in organic agriculture.

CIBIC conducts organized trainings and casual training for youth and local community members. About 3300 farmers have been trained and supported and are now self-sufficient. The training program offers tailored package for youth according to their training needs, these are usually short courses taking a week or a month. Training focus on organic mushroom growing, bee keeping, vegetable growing, fish farming, goat rearing and banana growing and annual crops like maize and beans. These training are done either on the farm or remotely through extension services conducting farmer to farmer extension services. It is after this training that farmers are connected to the cooperative society and supported with revolving seed loans. Usually, CIBIC supplies free seeds and technical expertise to the beneficiaries and on extreme end certain levels of production can’t be covered by the charity because of the size of the Organisation.

The institution is building a training center to provide a general packaged training for youth. This will cover the educated and less educated community members. The program will be assessed by the directorate of industrial training so that our students when they graduate can go to compete with others in the job market and also be self-sufficient in agricultural enterprises. The Organisation is planning an exchange program both national and international. CIBIC therefore expects volunteers to join and give hand in our technical training program.