Upcycling plastic waste into Eco bricks to build rain water harvesting tanks for communities.

This project is answering the problem of irresponsible plastic waste disposal in public and in conservation areas. The current disposal practices are open air burning and dumping plastic waste on the community land.  These are bad practices for instance open air burning cause global warming, cause cancer to humans and loss of body immunity. Irresponsible disposal depletes soil fertility, causes floods, and kills wildlife, aquatic life and domesticated animals.  CIBIC is collecting plastic waste and turning it into eco-bricks without using heat.  It is also making art and craft to sale to tourists. Around 1.5 tones have been upcycled into Eco bricks to build rain water harvesting tanks. Currently 2 rain water harvesting have been built, each tank has a capacity of 20,000 liters and benefiting at least 120 people in 2 communities. About 50kg have been turned into crafts and sold to tourists.

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